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Ajinkya Tejankar • 5 October 2015 • 7 min read

What is Life?

There cannot be a better metaphor for describing life than that of a wave. Not the kind of wave that we instantly imagine at the mention of word wave, I am talking about a wave of varying amplititude, a wave composed of many sine and cos waves. In scientific terms a wave is a plot of the value of some quantity against time, a vibration, and what is life but a vibration. We are a tiny vibration in the life of celestial bodies, ephemeral and yet eternal, tiny and still huge, simple and yet vastly complex, oh my!, I am greatly confounded by the duality of life. How must I reconcile my emotions and my thoughts?, the emotions that seem so real are proven to be nothing but some chemicals reacting to some events by my thoughts, the one refutes the reality of the other. The questions, who am I?, what am I? and why am I here? have haunted many a great minds for centuries and yet we are nowhere closer to a commonly agreed upon answer. Am I a free intellectual being, capable of all actions imaginable? or a mere puppet in the hands of nature?.  Read →

Ajinkya Tejankar • 29 August 2015 • 5 min read

In defense of a force push

No man of scientific disposition discards something without a proper analysis. The same holds true for the usage of git push -f, in this article I try to analyse the true nature of a force push.  Read →