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Ajinkya Tejankar • 25 November 2015 • Less than a minute read

Error Handling With Promises

An interesting analogy for comparing the error handling in callback and promise pattern. Read →

Ajinkya Tejankar • 20 November 2015 • 4 min read

2001: A Movie Review

Man people love this movie!. I can’t imagine why they love this movie so much though, I’ve seen some of Kubrick’s other works which I have at least understood, but this movie is whole different thing. I think reviewing a movie is quite a tough job and nobody can do justice to the vision of director, what maybe apparent and enjoyable to one person maybe contrived and boring to other. A reviewer may adore the snail pace of one movie and be bored to sleep by the same pace of another, the point is that since a good movie is all about a good experience and the experiences are extremely subjective in nature, the subjectiveness of a review follows. What this implies is that never trust a review, use it as vague guideline, trust only the broadest and strongest of the experiences expressed in the review and watch the movie yourself to make your own view. This is a review of 2001: A Space Oddessey.  Read →

Ajinkya Tejankar • 28 October 2015 • 4 min read

Becoming Scientifically Literate

Study an aspect of an entity independently in isolation with complete disregard to everything else. Repeat the above process for all the aspects of an entity and then when you have studied everything independently marvel at how they fit together. This seems to be the most effective and proper way of studying things – Inspired from the remarkable paper, On Scientific Thought by Edgar W. Dijkstra
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