The Meditations
25 October 2016 • 1 min read

The Geek Yogi

Found this quaint little piece that I wrote while in college. Brought a smile on my face.

Amidst the huge silicon jungle, there lay a single lonesome desktop and a single devout geek whose hands flew like a wand of magic over the keyboard. The relentless coding had hardened his features and his face manifested the great intelligence concealed behind it. His long unkempt beard, like the threads of optic fiber, displayed his lack of interest in the trivialities of the life. He wore a jeans that was begging to be washed, but the geek paid no heed to it. Carcasses’ of dissected CPUs lay strewn over the place and cords of USB cables coiled up the stack of hard drives. His pet firefox sat coiled up and eager to seek connectivity with his master. He, apart from his incessant coding activities found leisure in giving a blood bath to the city of San Andreas.

The Geek Yogi, a man of assassin’s creed, the real god of wars, a faithful citizen of the world of warcraft, a man with unquenchable need for speed lay amidst the silicon jungle with his hand flowing like wind over the keyboard.

Post by: Ajinkya Tejankar