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Ajinkya Tejankar • 30 December 2016 • 5 min read

Love-Hate Web Dev Toolchain

Web application development has the potential to mercilessly drown all of your creative spark and inundate you in so much of tooling that you’ll be wishing for pointers in C.  Read →

Ajinkya Tejankar • 25 October 2016 • 1 min read

The Geek Yogi

Found this quaint little piece that I wrote while in college. Brought a smile on my face.  Read →

Ajinkya Tejankar • 7 March 2016 • 6 min read

Interviewing at Nvidia

I had intended for the title of this post to be I hate Nvidia, but since I didn’t want to write an emotionally charged useless piece of crap post that wouldn’t be of use to neither me or anybody else I am sticking with the current title. Interviewing at Nvidia was an intense and tumultous experience for me and since I didn’t make it even past the telephonic interview I must vent off some steam and collect my thoughts.  Read →